A Photo Gallery

While thinking back on my time in Paris, I was looking through my photos and I found several that I found interesting or funny that I wanted to share. I always meant to share these photos but they never fit in with any other blog post, so this post is a compilation of unrelated photos. I took hundreds of photos, often of the most mundane things, just in case I needed to use them in a blog post. Fair warning, this post has little analytical content, but I had a lot of fun putting it together!

I loved where I stayed in Paris. I was in the pictured building on the third floor in the room with the circular tower. I’ve always wanted a house with a tower like that, so when I opened the door on the first day and saw that I was lucky enough to get that room I was very excited. My room also meant that there were lots of windows for natural light and great views. The picture on the right is a view from the tower overlooking the quad during a beautiful Paris night.

We saw some pretty funky things in Parisian gardens, but these photos are two of my favorites. The picture on the left is a statue from the Jardin du Luxembourg. The work of art depicts a woman–perhaps a queen–covered by leaves. It’s an interesting statue, and also representative of the art in the Jardin, as all the art there is either of women or by women artists. On the right is a picture of the immaculately shaped trees in the gardens of Versailles. I simply found these funny, since they were all over the gardens, and I just imagine how much work it must be to maintain the gardens to this degree.

I had an excellent amount of ice cream in Paris. ‘Nuff said.

While on the topic of food, these three pictures show what were probably my favorite foods I ate in Paris. The top left was simply so fancy, and that made it so much fun to eat. The treat on the right was delicious, combining sweet and fruity in a perfect snack for me. The ravioli on the bottom left was by far my favorite meal, and I admit that I had it three times during the trip.

I took these pictures from underneath the Eiffel Tower. Before coming to Paris, I didn’t even think about what the Eiffel Tower would look like from this angle. After all, most pictures of the tower are of the tower itself or the view from the top. But this view is fascinating, especially for those interested in architecture and engineering. The top right photo shows off the silhouette of the delicate details, while the bottom picture looks heavy and iron. The fact that the tower can look like both of these at the same time from essentially the same angle is part of what makes it a modern marvel.

I saw the helmet on the left at the Musée de l’Armée and thought it was amusing, so I took a picture. Later, when we visited the Cité de l’Architecture, I saw the bust on the right and thought I recognized the dragon headpiece. Though it’s not so clear in the pictures, the dragons and their design are remarkably similar. Now I’m curious if there is any meaning to the symbol. (Unfortunately, a thorough Google search didn’t bring up anything.)


Finally… I’ll just leave this here.